(TMX) – A woman whose luggage was damaged on a recent trip says Delta Air Lines accidentally sent her 13 replacement suitcases.

A video shared by TikTok user @gisele_rochefort opens with images of her badly damaged suitcase.

“Delta destroyed my suitcase. I filed a claim, they agreed to replace it,” she captioned the video.

She got a notification that she had “some packages,” and the video shows numerous large boxes from Ricardo Beverly Hills. It turns out they were all new suitcases.

“Thirteen Ricardo Beverly Hills bags later… I think they made a mistake,” she said. The video shows the mountain of suitcases arranged throughout her living room.

“It’s called interior design, sweetie. Look it up,” she captioned the clip.

She said she did end up sending the extra suitcases back, and that Delta let her keep “one extra” for being “honest and forthcoming.”

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