Deer caught in headlights at car dealership

ROSWELL, Ga. (AP) — A deer came barreling through the showroom of an Atlanta area car dealership after jumping through an open window.

Local news outlets report the surprise visitor startled employees at Nalley Lexus in Roswell.

The dealership posted a video Monday on Facebook that shows the deer slipping and sliding on the showroom floor before running into the garage area and out one of the doors.

“Everybody move out of the way,” an woman could be heard at the beginning of the video.

The deer tried to jump out through closed glass windows as it ran confused through the showroom. The video shows workers opening doors in an effort to steer the deer toward the exit.

Although it looked scared during its time inside, witnesses said the deer appeared to be okay once it made its way outdoors.

No one was injured in brief encounter.

Nalley Lexus employees joked that while the deer made it out safely, the animal still hasn’t returned their follow up sales calls.

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