(WSVN) - A Texas man was vacationing in South Florida with his family when he lost his wedding ring, and the person who returned his jewelry was also from his home state, vacationing in the same area.

“It has diamonds at the top and then silver around it, then gold for the majority of the ring,” said Christopher Ramirez.

Ramirez and his wife, Marissa, took a family vacation to Fort Lauderdale back in June, but while they were at the beach, he made a big mistake that brought two Texas families together.

“The water was a little choppy, so I decided to take my ring off, and I put it in the diaper bag,” said Ramirez. “While moving from where we were sitting back to the resort, the ring somehow fell out. It ended up in the sand.”

He knew his chances were slim, but when he got back to Dallas something told him to call the hotel, just to check.

“And they said they hadn’t received anything,” Ramirez recalled. “Then, right before we hung up, the lady said, ‘Well, actually there is someone who found a ring at the beach.'”

That someone was Charlotte Duffey, a woman who lives near Dallas and was also vacationing in South Florida. She said she saw something sparkling in the sand.

“I picked it up and told my daughter, ‘Oh, my God, this is a wedding ring. I wonder if I can find who this belongs to,'” said Charlotte.

Charlotte’s daughter, Latosha, had her doubts.

“I said you’re never going to find whose ring this is. People that live here come to this beach,” said Latosha. “Look at how many people are here now.”

Despite the odds, Charlotte followed her gut.

“I didn’t believe but mom did,” said Latosha.

Charlotte has been married for close to 40 years, so she knew how important this was.

She gave her information to the resort with the plan of mailing it back to the owner as long as they provided an accurate description of the ring with a photo.

“I sent it to her via email,” said Ramirez. “We just matched the ring with the photos and sure enough, that was it.”

“I was shocked,” said Latosha. “This is just another lesson that my mom has taught me in life. It did work out, and then for them to be here in Dallas, I felt like it was God.”

A good deed proved that a little faith can go a long way.

“It makes me feel good that there are still good people in the world,” said Marissa. “Especially in the world that we live in now.”

While Christopher said he is certain he will never lose his ring again, Charlotte said this trip was one to remember.

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