Dads in ballet class with daughters go viral with hilarious videos

(WSVN) - By and large, dads aren’t known to be great dancers. But you have to give them credit when they try… especially when they join their daughters in a ballet class.

The Philadelphia Dance Center posted several videos from their “Daddy/Daughter” ballet class on Valentine’s Day. From sauté to pas de bourrée, the fathers pranced and leapt across the dance floor, with hilarious results.

The center’s videos quickly went viral, with the first video garnering over 6.6 million views in less than 24 hours. Their second video upped the ante, showing several dads donning tutus, which pulled in another 3.3 million views. The third and final video proved the fathers learned a move or two, as their skills appeared to slightly improve over the course of the class. That video has 230,000 views so far.

You can enjoy all three videos below:

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