Cute, cuddly and lovable: It’s National Puppy Day

(WSVN) - They’re cute, cuddly and some are even Instagram stars. On March 23, they get their own day: National Puppy Day.

“Puppies are the most trusting and joyous creatures on the planet. Oh, to be more like a puppy,” is what Colleen Paige said of this day she founded. Since 2006, the day grew from being simply garnering “oohs” and “awes” to being nationally recognized by media outlets, like Animal Planet.

Paige said in a letter on her website that National Puppy Day also serves to raise awareness for adoption.

“…I will never buy a puppy, knowing that millions of them sit alone in the shelter every day, all over the world,” said Paige. “There is no way to describe the pain this causes my heart, to imagine their fear, loneliness and despair.”

The website also lists ways to celebrate that include making T-shirts with your puppy’s photo, donate to a local pet shelter and buying your puppy a new toy.

To find out more on National Puppy Day, click here.

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