Customer leaves waiter $2,000 tip on $64 restaurant bill

LAS VEGAS (WSVN) — A customer at a Los Vegas restaurant left a hefty tip for their server.

According to Fox 5, Armando Garcia was working at Los Cucos Mexican Cafe when he served two men who he had seen in the restaurant before.

When the pair left, Garcia said he noticed they left a $2,000 tip on their bill, which was only $64.33.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Garcia told Fox 5.

Garcia said he wondered if the men had made a mistake, but then he saw a note at the bottom of the receipt that read, “Stay safe, thank you for your great service. Hope this helps. Love, the Lopez Brothers.”

“It’s been tough for everyone, for me,” Garcia told the station. “It’s been a relief, I’m just thankful for it.”

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