Cuba prepares for upcoming parliamentary election

HAVANA (WSVN) — Cuba is preparing for an upcoming election that could bring big changes to the island.

Cuban leader Raul Castro called for municipal elections to pave the way for the end of his time in power.

The vote was supposed to take place on Sunday, but was pushed back to November after Hurricane Irma.

It will be cuba’s first election since the death of longtime dictator Fidel Castro.

Members of South Florida’s Cuban exile community say no matter who takes power, they are far from convinced that the Cuban people will see any meaningful change.

“It’s a joke like all the ones they’ve done before,” said Margarita Hernandez. “There’s a lot of people from the opposition that are trying to get in there and be nominated to get a position and they’re not allowing anybody to do anything.”

“I think there is no such thing as an election in Cuba. It’s going to be whatever the higher-ups say it’s going to be,” said Carlos Garcia.

Following the election, voters will select members of the National Assembly of People’s Power, the legislative body that elects the country’s top leaders.

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