Court orders man to pay $65K in child support for child that isn’t his

HOUSTON (WSVN) — A Texas court has ordered a man to pay $65,000 in child support for a child that isn’t his.

According to Fox News, it all began in 2003 when 45-year-old Gabriel Cornejo was ordered to to pay child support to his ex-girlfriend who had recently given birth. The woman claimed Cornejo was the only person who could be the father.

Cornejo said he didn’t find out until he was served court documents that listed him as having another child. Cornejo met the young girl, who he described as “wonderful,” but discovered that the child wasn’t his through a paternity test.

Despite the revelation, Fox News reports that according to Texas’ family code, even if a man is not the biological father, they still owe support payments that accrued before the paternity test proves otherwise — with Cornejo owing about $65,000.

Cornejo and his attorney are now working to have a judge re-open the case. Otherwise, Cornejo must either pay the money or go to jail.

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