(WSVN) - A Florida man experienced the ultimate travel trouble in New Orleans after his truck — with his best friend sitting in the back seat — was taken away in the blink of an eye, but despite the incident, Stuart Trahan has something to be thankful for.

“Best case scenario is he comes home, and we can find him,” said Trahan. “I don’t care about the truck.”

Surveillance video captured the moment when someone sped off with Trahan’s truck.

“It took a little while,” said Trahan. “It didn’t seem real. It was just kind of like, ‘Oh my God, what just happened?’ Then I’m like, ‘Sam, oh my God.'”

On surveillance video, you see the heartbreaking moment he realizes his best friend is still inside.

“That it had been waiting about 10 or 20 seconds at the corner right here where we’re standing,” said Trahan. “My truck was right here behind us, but by the time I opened the door and walked over here with the luggage, they pulled up, jumped in the car and left that fast.”

Trahan had just arrived in New Orleans after a 10-hour drive from Florida to visit his daughter for Thanksgiving.

He left Sam in the truck while he got everyone’s things settled in. The car was left running, but it was locked, and as he unlocked it again to get more luggage, someone got into the driver’s seat and took off.

Trahan tears up at the thought of how confused sweet Sam must have been rolling around in the back seat.

“He’s one of the family,” he said. “He was there. I held him when he was this big, and he’s this big now, you know, and he’s just a– he’s a lovable, lovable creature, you know. He’s part of us. I mean, I can bring him anywhere as you know, he never embarrasses. My work badge was in the car, but he has his work badge. I can bring him to work and we both wear our work badges to work, and so he’s, he’s an awesome friend, and he’s one of my kids.”

After he shared his story on social media, with local news stations, animal rescues and the police, he thanked the community for getting his lovable Labrador retriever back where he belongs.

Although Sam is safely back at home with his owner, police are still trying to track down their truck.

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