ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colorado (WSVN) — A woman who adopted her two great-grandchildren received an unexpected gift from a Colorado deputy after he responded to her house due to a domestic dispute.

On June 30, Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Weiner, who has been on the force for nearly a decade, responded to an apartment where 71-year-old Vicki Green raises two young boys.

“A lot of days it’s someone’s worst, worst day of their life,” said Weiner. “I see a lot of suffering on the job. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of time to follow up because we’re call, to call, to call, to call.”

Though he is a busy man, one call he never forgot was when he responded to Green’s home after she got into an argument with her partner.

“She told me that the two boys went to bed hungry, um, and you know that they woke up hungry as well,” recalled Weiner.

Weiner continued to mention that Green told him her partner ate the last two hotdogs that were meant for her children.

“[He] made them just sit there and watch while he ate them. As a father and as a parent and just as a good human being like that just felt so vengeful and so mean,” Weiner said.

Deputy Weiner and his partner decided to make a pitstop at a grocery store before heading to their next call. On body cam footage, Weiner said he was worried that the boys would not have any food when he came back with a surprise for Green.

“I don’t want them to go hungry and it sounds like they haven’t eaten last night and they’re not gonna eat today,” Weiner said to Green.

Looking back on the memory, Weiner said he knew there was something he could do.

“I didn’t want to leave having that feeling later, knowing that in that situation I could do more,” he said in an interview.

Captured on the camera Weiner was wearing, Green was overcome with emotion after she saw the bags of groceries.

“What’s wrong? What’s that? What’s up?” Weiner asked as he noticed her tears.

“It’s embarrassing,” said Green.

“Oh, ma’am, please don’t be embarrassed. This is my gift to you,” Weiner responded.

Green thanked him and he replied, “You’re so welcome.”

“It was not just an obligation or a duty. I think he did it because he cared,” said Green as she recalled the special moment.

Green said she was grateful for his kindness while Weiner showed gratitude for another reason.

“I just felt grateful at that moment that in some tiny way, there was some minute resolution for the time being for her,” he said.

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