College student juggles to prove sobriety after being pulled over

(WSVN) - A man in Arkansas had a unique way of proving his sobriety after he was pulled over.

University of Central Arkansas Police pulled over student Blayk Puckett as he was driving home from the library. Officers said they suspected he was impaired because Puckett was driving slower than usual.

After determining that Puckett was, in fact, not driving under the influence, one officer asked the student what was in one of his pockets.

“This is going to sound really weird,” Puckett says in the video. “I’m a magician, and it’s a magic prop.”

One officer told him he was free to go, but asked to see a trick first, and pointed out how the license plate said “JUGGLER.” So Puckett pulled out pins from his car and juggled for the two cops, and it was all captured on body cam video.

“You just made my night,” the officer said.

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