(WSVN) - A clerk’s confrontation with an armed man in California was caught on camera.

That clerk was scared for her life, but she was not too afraid to fight.

It was a terrifying moment for a store clerk in Los Angeles as a man armed with a knife tries to rob her.

“It’s really scary,” she said. “I think all people scare when seeing knives or guns or something like that.”

The woman said he demanded money from the register and threatened to kill her if she said anything.

“It’s super, super scared to me because I don’t see anything when he put the nails in my tummy,” she said.

She screamed then managed to take the weapon from the armed assailant and continued to scream while chasing the would-be thief out of the store.

“That was my reaction,” she said.

The owner said he has seen petty theft before but nothing like this.

“Not like this one. He wanted to get all the money because it was a huge amount of money we were transferring,” he said.

The robber was a paying customer just a few minutes earlier but lingered when he saw another customer make a cash wire transfer.

“No later than five minutes he came back with a plastic bag and inside the plastic bag, he had a big knife,” said the store owner.

The criminal was not expecting an act of bravery; he even left with a few cuts as the woman showed where he was injured on her own wrists.

“She is safe! That’s the most important thing,” said the owner.

Other than a few cuts on her hands and rattled nerves the woman is OK.

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