Classmates surprise student with new shoes in touching video

(WSVN) — An act of kindness is spreading holiday cheer on social media, and it all started with some kind high school students.

Students at Somerset High School in Texas found out that sophomore special-needs student J.R. Gilbert was wearing shoes that were three sizes too small. As word spread, his classmates decided to raise money to buy him properly-fitting shoes for Christmas.

The students presented J.R. with not one, but two pairs of new sneakers, capturing the sweet moment on video.

“We got you some Christmas gifts,” one student said. “Everybody helped us donate.”

Amid a chorus of “awww” from the crowd, J.R. opened the gifts, exclaiming, “What? You got my favorite kind too!” His classmates cheered as he held his shoes up in the air.

“Thank you, guys!” J.R. said. “You all are the best!”

The video soon went viral, with more than 113,000 likes and 89,000 shares.

The school system said J.R. had been wearing the size 10 shoes because they belonged to his beloved grandfather, who could no longer wear them.

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