CINCINNATI (WLWT/CNN) — After 190 days on the run, S’mores the dog is back home Thursday.

After leaving Animal Friends Humane Society, the Chihuahua mix got loose from his new foster family on June 11.

“When he first went missing, we actually caught him on some trail camera playing with some baby foxes. Yes, a family of baby foxes,” said Don Corsmeier of Lost Pet Recovery.

Since then, S’mores has been on the run and spotted all over the west side of Cincinnati.

“For a little seven-eight pound dog, he just traveled an incredible distance while he was out,” Corsmeier said.

Volunteers with Lost Pet Recovery and the Animal Friends Humane Society never gave up chasing S’mores, even though he was always one step ahead of them.

“He was too smart and too savvy, and he just avoided traps like the plague,” Corsmeier said.

On Dec. 18, volunteers took a call from a woman in Westwood.

“She points him out to me in the yard. He’s curled up in a little ball. You could barely see him sticking there in high grass. She’s like, ‘He’s there. He’s right there sleeping,'” Corsmeier said.

Using a laundry basket, they were able to catch S’mores.

Corsmeier went live on Facebook shortly after.

“S’mores is here to tell you they’re survivors. It’s just amazing. The busy roads he’s walked down, miles a day, like, back and forth miles a day,” Corsmeier said. “It just doesn’t get any better than getting him safe.”

S’mores has been reunited with his family.

Volunteers said dogs are incredibly resourceful, and S’mores found sources of water and food along the way to survive.

At one point during his journey, witnesses saw S’mores get hit by a pick-up truck. He will be headed to an orthopedic specialist Monday to get checked out.

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