How to charge your phone using a 9V battery

MIAMI (WSVN) - Strong storms, like Hurricane Irma, can cause power loss potentially for days. Luckily, there is a “hurricane hack” that shows a way to charge your smartphone via a 9-volt battery.

In the video below, a smartphone, spring-loaded pen, USB cable, 9V battery and car charger are used.

The video shows the pen being unscrewed and spring taken out. The spring is then placed inside one side of the car charger, then the other end of the spring is placed on the wider opening of the battery. The car charger is then placed on the more narrow opening side of the battery, which produced the power to the charger.

After plugging the USB into the car charger and the opposite end into the smartphone, the charger begins doing its job.

A TV reporter in Tampa tested out the “hurricane hack” and showed that it does, in fact, work. While it may not fully charge your device, it could be helpful in a pinch.

YouTube is also full of videos, showing the same method.

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