Cat nearly killed after being tortured with lit firecracker

MANSFIELD, Ohio (WSVN) — A cat in Ohio is struggling to survive after someone shoved a lit firecracker into her body.

The Humane Society of Richland County said the horrific crime happened over the weekend when someone set off a firecracker after inserting it into the feline’s rectum.

The cat, named Katy P., was rushed to a veterinarian and immediately underwent surgery. Doctors say she has a guarded prognosis.

“We have no words,” the humane society wrote in their post. “We aren’t sure if she will make it, it depends on the extent of the damage.”

The organization said Katy P. will remain at the animal hospital for observation, but it will be several days before they know if she will be able to recover.

“We don’t know if she will be incontinent or unable to defecate,” the humane society wrote in their post.

A spokesperson tells WLWT Katy P. is still a loving, trusting cat despite being critically injured.

“She is pretty heavily medicated but seems very sweet,” the spokesperson told the station. “She purred for us today while we were rubbing her chin. From what we’ve heard, she was a very sweet and friendly cat.”

In the meantime, the rescue says they are offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the “sick person/persons” responsible for the horrific abuse.

The Humane Society of Richland County is accepting donations for Katy P’s medical care. To donate, visit their website.

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