Cat, kittens abandoned outside animal shelter in single-digit temperatures

HOUGHTON, Mich. (WSVN) — Employees at an animal shelter in Michigan lashed out at a man who abandoned three cats outside their door when it was just four degrees outside.

Copper Country Humane Society Workers found the one adult cat and two kittens as they arrived in the morning to the building, discovering the animals shaking in their wire cage, Fox 13 reports.

“To the middle-aged gentleman in the burgundy pickup truck. SHAME ON YOU!!!” a now-deleted post read on their Facebook page. “We have NO problem calling you out for coming to our door, READING the sign that says not to leave animals out in the weather and STILL leaving these poor three cats outside in 4-degree weather by our door.”

Employees said the man dumped the animals outside the building, leaving them there about 30 minutes before the shelter opened.

“There is a phone number listed you could have called or you could have waited another 30 minutes for us to arrive and open. Are their lives not worth more than 30 minutes of your time?!” the post said.

The humane society said ice and snow could be seen inside the kennel, along with urine and feces from the shivering felines. Workers saw the man abandoning the animals through their security cameras, and say authorities are now looking for the suspect.

Employees later posted an update to their Facebook page, saying the cats are now doing well in their care.

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