Canadian man kills, eats rescue pig he adopted from shelter

(WSVN) - A Canadian man has received a slew of death threats after he killed and ate a rescue pig he adopted from a shelter.

According to CHEK News, Molly the pig was adopted out to a man and his family in British Columbia after she and 56 other potbellied pigs were were seized after an animal cruelty investigation.

The British Columbia Chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said Molly’s new owners committed in writing not to use her for food.

However, the BBC reports that, less than a month after taking in Molly, the man and his family ate her. The family couple also reportedly posted photos and videos of them preparing the meat on Snapchat.

“To hear that somebody did this to an animal that we worked so hard to make sure was healthy, and tried to get into a good home, is absolutely heartbreaking,” said Leon Davis of the SPCA.

According to a now-deleted Facebook post, the family reportedly killed Molly after she became aggressive and tried to break through a glass door.

“I do promise that Molly died humanely and it was not done for fun or for sport,” the man wrote online while apologizing for killing the pig.

Under Canadian law, an animal is considered property and it is therefore not technically illegal to kill and eat a pet. But CHEK News reports that the family that adopted Molly has now been blocked from adopting any more animals from the SPCA.

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