Burger King conducts bullying social experiment

(WSVN) - Burger King, known for their fast food, captured a social experiment surrounding bullying.

In the video, the fast-food giant shines a light on bullying, a troubling issue that many face each day. The company used their unaware customers, along with actors, to study exactly how bullying affects one another.

The video shows children describing words used by bullies, like “scrawny, chubby, short, queer.”

One boy described how difficult it is to stick up for others. “It’s been hard for me to stand up for other people because I feel like I’m already a target,” said the boy.

“It’s just easier to do nothing,” said another boy.

The social experiment including the actors pretending to bully a high school student in their junior year. “Hey, stop. Dude, stop!” the boy can be heard saying in the video as the bullies tease him.

“Do you have any friends?” asks one of the bullies.

All of this happened as customers looked on, silent and observing the bullying. However, almost every customer that received a purposefully mangled Whopper Jr. sandwich brought it to the counter, speaking up about their meal.

“I just opened it up and it’s all smashed,” said a customer.

“Did you order bullied or unbullied?” asked the Burger King employee.

“Do you have a manager I can speak to? Because that doesn’t make any sense,” said another customer.

According to Burger King, 95 percent of customers reported the “bullied” Whopper Jr. to employees. Only 12 percent of customers acted in defense of the bullied high school student.

“I’ve been that kid, so if I see it, I’m gonna do something about it,” said a customer. “I hope there’s more people out there like that.”

According to NoBully.org, 30 percent of students worldwide are bullied each year.

“Something I’ll never forget is my friends standing up for me,” said a boy.

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