Brother finds hilarious way to drop off clothes to sister with flu

NEW ORLEANS (WSVN) — A man in Louisiana decided he didn’t want to take any chances when he had to help his sister who was sick with the flu.

Augusta Stewart was battling the flu when she needed to stop by her brother Maurice’s house to pick up clothing.

She recorded on her phone as he walked out of his home, wearing a face mask and oven mitts as he carried a bag of clothing on the end of a stick to deliver to her.

“Some people will always just be extra,” Augusta can be heard saying in the video. As Maurice hesitated and kept his distance from the car, she told him, “You just always do too much!”

Upon delivering the bag to his sister, Maurice then ran back into the home as Augusta yelled after him to pick up the stick he used, which he dropped in his haste to retreat.

Augusta said she is now feeling much better, and shared the video of her brother on Facebook, where it has been shared over 31,000 times so far.

(H/T Fox 13)

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