ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico (KOAT) — Debbie Hall is not dealing drugs, she just palms candy to her customers on a daily basis. She sells candy that resembles blue meth from the famous tv show Breaking Bad.

“In the beginning, they bought maybe 20 pounds and they made that last,” Hall said.

In 2008 the production approached Hall about making candy that resembles blue meth for the show.

Since, she has sold it as a novelty, and it’s brought her a lot of business.

“From 2012 to 2017 I didn’t have a day off,” Hall said.

When Hall heard that the city of Albuquerque will be putting up statues of Breaking Bad’s main characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman she was excited. The statues were gifted to the city.

“That brings people here it provides Old Town with an income, it provides me with an income,” Hall said.

The mayor’s office agrees in a statement they said, “The positive impact that the cast and crew of Breaking Bad have had on our economy and film industry can’t be minimized. The franchise has had over $385 million in economic impact, lifting up countless local businesses.”

The statues will be unveiled at the Albuquerque Convention Center on the July 29. While some say the statues will help bring in tourism, others say they may ruin the image of the city.

“I feel that Breaking Bad has a lot of issues related to drugs, and if it has to do with statues related to drugs, I’m against it,” said Lucille Leuppe-Esplain, a resident of Albuquerque.

“Well, I believe either side has got value,” said Caroline Meade.

Mead’s home is famous, it’s featured in ‘Better Call Saul’ as Chuck’s house.

“I think if they put up two statues and you keep your sense of humor about it, it would be fine. But it is a drug show. So, yeah, you know, I can see both sides of that,” Meade said.

As for Hall, she recommends those who are against the statues to watch the show and really analyze what it’s about, as one of her 7-year-old customers did.

“He said I watched the show and I don’t want to be like them. I learned not to do drugs,” Hall said.

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