Boy learns he’s getting a new heart from doctor dressed as Chewbacca

CHICAGO (WSVN) — A teen in Chicago got the news he was waiting for, delivered by none other than Chewbacca.

Austin Eggleston, 15, was born with several congenital heart defects, WBBM reports. When his heart began to fail, doctors placed him on a transplant list.

Austin’s cardiologist, Dr. Philip Thrush, made an agreement with the young Star Wars fan: he would dress as Chewbacca to tell him a heart had become available.

Cell phone video captured the heartwarming moment on St. Patrick’s Day, as Austin sees Dr. Thrush walk into his room dressed as a Wookie.

“Wait, wait. We got… a heart? Do we seriously have a heart?” he asked. Chewbacca confirmed in his native language, Shryiiwook. And although we may not know how to speak Wookie, Austin clearly does, as his reaction is priceless.

Austin excitedly jumped and danced at the good news.

“I’m super excited,” Dr. Thrush said as he high-fived the boy.

Austin received the transplant later that same day. Doctors said he is now recovering and doing well.

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