Bill could make after-hours contact with employees illegal

NEW YORK (WSVN) – A bill has been proposed to make it illegal for bosses to contact their employees after their shift ends.

New York City Councilman Rafael L. Espinal Jr’s bill was proposed on March 22. The bill would, if passed, make it unlawful for private employees in New York to require employees to “check and respond to email and other electronic communications during non-work hours.”

However, the proposal would allow bosses to contact their employees in emergency situations.

“Technology has made it easy for companies and employers to blur the line on the amount of time employers are working,” Espinal (D) said to the Washington Post. “The essence and spirit of this bill is to go after employers who are harassing employees to the point they are being retaliated against.”

The Washington Post also reported that the bill does not apply to those who employ fewer than 10 workers or to government employees.

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