Best friends who share same birthday believe they are twins

(WSVN) - They were told they couldn’t be related because they had different skin colors. But two adorable best friends are now going viral after they shot back, pointing out that they were twins because they shared the same birthday.

Four-year-olds Zuri Copeland and Jia Sarnicola have been best friends since they met in school, Fox 5 reports. The duo is inseparable, attending birthday parties, plays and enjoying multiple play dates with each other.

According to Zuri’s older sister Victoria, the two girls were at a birthday party when they heard two other girls say they were sisters. Zuri and Jia joined the conversation to chime in that they were twins as well.

One of the girls then upset the young BFFs by telling Zuri and Jia that they can’t be twins because they had different skin colors. That’s when Jia tearfully responded, “You don’t know anything! We are twins because we have the same birthday and share the same soul!”

Victoria tweeted about the encounter, which quickly went viral.

“In a world where racism is still going on, we seem to only hear about the horrors of it. I felt that people should see a glimpse of hope in Zuri and Jia’s friendship,” Victoria told FOX 5. “I could have never imagined the story reaching over hundreds of thousands of people.”

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