Bear tries to get inside home of woman baking brownies

AVON, Conn. (WSVN) — The smell of brownies is enticing to anyone with a sweet tooth… and that apparently includes bears.

Several residents in Avon, Connecticut, called police after a bear tried to enter a home when he smelled brownies baking in the kitchen, WFSB reports.

“My neighbor across the street just came over in a panic. She’s a little old lady, screaming that a bear got on the back porch and is slamming on her glass door,” one caller to 911 said.

Another neighbor, Bob Belfiore, rushed to help, and captured the bear on camera as it peered through the glass door.

Photo: Bob Belfiore/WFSB

“We have a bear attempting to get into a house and he’s not afraid of noise, screaming or yelling or pounding,” Belfiore told the 911 dispatcher.

The bear was able to open the screen door, but couldn’t figure out how to open the sliding glass door. Belfiore says the persistent animal tried multiple doors in an effort to get inside.

“He actually left the kitchen area and went to a second set of doors off the deck. And I tried those and then went to a third set of doors into the living room and attempted to get into those,” Belfiore told WFSB. “Though it looks cute on the railing, this bear was angry about not being able to get at the food.”

By the time police arrived, the bear had left the area. The state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said they will continue to monitor the bear.

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