Baby bursts into giggles after hearing clearly for the first time with hearing aids

A baby girl was full of giggles after she experienced the full world of sound for the first time.

According to Fox 5, baby Scarlet was born three months early at just 2 pounds 13 ounces.

At just a week old, she had to get a round of antibiotics for necrotizing enterocolitis, a disease that eats away at the stomach and intestines.

Unfortunately, one of the side effects of the antibiotics was hearing loss.

However, now 11 months old, Scarlet’s parents got her a pair of custom-fitted hearing aides that she tried for the first time on Thursday.

Scarlet’s mother, Carol Benjamin shared the moment of Scarlet hearing clearly for the first time. Scarlet could be seen bursting into a fit of giggles upon hearing her sister’s and mother’s voices.

“It was the first time she heard anything clearly, that’s for sure,” Benjamin told Fox 5.

Benjamin called the experience one of the “absolute best days” of their lives.

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