Attorney surprises favorite waiter with car for Christmas

HOUSTON (WSVN) — A man who always requested the same waiter at his favorite restaurant decided to give him an unforgettable gift for the holidays.

Edward Pollard said he often dined at the restaurant near his law practice, and requested James every time because he takes pride in his job.

“He is always extremely polite and conversational… the kind of person who instantly can put a smile on your face,” Pollard recalled.

But Pollard noticed over the course of several months that, after his shift, James would be heading to the bus stop regardless of the weather: “I have seen him walking in the blazing summer heat, and I have seen him walking in the harsh cold winter,” he said.

Pollard said he knew he had to do something for the man who was always upbeat and “a joy to be around”, regardless of circumstances.

“God has blessed me to own an extra car—a car that I rarely use, unless there is an emergency,” Pollard wrote. “For Christmas, God placed on my heart that I should give my extra car to this gentleman.”

He said he took his spare vehicle to the shop to get it fixed up and detailed, then presented it to James the day after Christmas.

He captured the emotional surprise on video and later posted it to Facebook, where it since gone viral.

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