Arizona man found stranded in desert for 3 days with only water and beer

CROWN KING, Ariz. (WSVN) — An Arizona man has been reunited with civilization after he was stuck in the desert for three days with only some water and a beer to drink.

“It was a series of small, little mistakes that added up to the perfect storm that ended up getting me in my situation,” Mick Ohman told Fox 10 Phoenix.

Ohman said it began when he went to have lunch with some friends in another town. However, on his way home, Fox 10 reports, Ohman took a different route and ended up in the middle of nowhere.

Ohman’s transmission broke, and he wound up stranded in the desert with some snacks, and according to Fox 10, some carbonated water and a beer. However, his few provisions did not last long.

For several days, Ohman reportedly tried to get to safety and even tried to signal for help by building a fire and spelling out a message.

“I didn’t have the energy or the room or the strength to do an SOS, so I made a big giant H,” Ohman said.

Eventually, Ohman came face to face with a dirt biker who eventually took him to safety.

Fox 10 reports that Ohman went to the hospital and got his vitals checked. He said he lost 14 pounds after the ordeal but is reported to be doing OK.

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