WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WSVN) — Archeologists found remains inside a historical tourist attraction in Virginia, formerly used as a storage facility for military supplies, and experts believed them to be from the Civil War era.

Colonial Williamsburg holds the history of the U.S. within its walls but when a mass grave was discovered it only added to the immense layers of America’s past.

Researchers said the grave dates back to May of 1862 and the analysis of the remains could expose and possibly close a chapter of history.

The director of the team said after his scientists work on documenting the corpses, they will be sent to the College of William & Mary, known for its research facility, to further investigate the bodies for identifiers such as height, sex and even ethnicity of each individual.

Nearly 4,000 soldiers on the Union and Confederate troops’ sides were killed during the battle.

It is unknown if the people found in the mass grave were part of the war or if they were merely caught in the crossfire.

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