Animal shelter accidentally euthanizes woman’s dog

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (WSVN) — A Texas woman was left heartbroken after an animal shelter accidentally euthanized her beloved canine companion.

According to Fox 26, Amy Kroll was watching two dogs and a puppy for her mother, Cathy Foster, after Foster’s house burned down. Animal control later removed the three dogs from Kroll’s ungated yard after they received a complaint about the trio running loose.

Fox 26 reports that by law, animal control officers can consider dogs running loose if they have access to a sidewalk or street.

Kroll said when she tried to get the dogs, the animal control officer told her she would be fined $500 per dog. However, if animal control took the dogs, the family could pay just $200 per dog to get them from the shelter.

The family agreed to give the puppy away to a rescue group, and told the shelter that they would pay to get the other two dogs, Chelsea and Diesel, from the shelter. The shelter also confirmed that they spoke to Foster a couple of days before she was scheduled to pick up the two dogs.

But when they visited the shelter, Kroll said they got devastating news.

“The kennel manager came out and left the door open,” Kroll said. “I saw my mother crying. I said ‘please tell me you didn’t lose my mom’s dog.’”

That’s when the manager told them that Chelsea had accidentally been euthanized.

The shelter’s director, Michael White, later apologized to Foster and said he is heartbroken over the regrettable mistake.

White also said that the appropriate employees were disciplined and that he will implement additional employee training to prevent similar situations from happening in the future.

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