Alligator handcuffed for trespassing in Louisiana

(WSVN) - It’s not unusual for trespassers to get arrested and handcuffed. But it’s a bit out of the ordinary for those cuffs to be used on an alligator.

A homeowner in Louisiana spotted an alligator in his garage and called for help, Fox News reported. Firefighters then called the state’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

A camera was rolling as agents cornered the gator, lassoed its jaw shut, and dragged it out of the garage.

“He’s got a lot of fight in him,” someone can be heard saying in the video as the animal writhed and hissed at its captors.

Once the gator exhausted itself, an agent taped its mouth shut. And when someone called out to “cuff him,” the agent used two pairs of handcuffs to keep the gator from making a getaway.

Wildlife officials said the alligator was taken to an area away from homes and released into the wild.

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