MIAMI (WSVN) - The American Automobile Association (AAA) is attempting to steer drivers clear of using Pokemon GO while driving.

A spokesman from AAA, Josh Carrasco, said in a news release that the game has become dangerous. “Trying to catch a Pokémon while behind the wheel is a major distraction and increases your risk of causing a crash. Put your phone down while driving. Just one quick text or glance to see the next Pokéstop could end up costing you or someone else their life.”

According to AAA, over 600,000 motorists use a cell phone while driving in the United States. In Florida, more than 200 deaths have been as a result of motor vehicles and distracted driving.

“Playing games like ‘Pokémon Go’ while driving is a distraction just like sending or receiving a text while behind the wheel,” said AAA Public Policy Manager Karen Morgan in the same news release. “Unfortunately, it’s hard for law enforcement officers to crack down on distracted drivers. Texting while driving is only a secondary offense in Florida. This means officers must witness you committing another offense in order to cite you for texting.”

AAA has released their top five tips to avoid texting while driving:

1. Silence your cell phone and turn off the vibration mechanism: Airplane mode is a setting available on many mobile phones. When activated, it suspends many of the device’s signal transmitting functions, thereby disabling the phone’s capacity to place or receive calls or use text messaging.

2. Ask for help: Remind the people in your vehicle to be a good passenger and enlist their help. Ask your passengers to handle tasks such as texting, placing a call or re-programming your GPS.

3. Ask family, friends and colleagues to respect your commute: Set mobile boundaries and politely ask them not to contact you during the hours of your commute.

4. Place your phone in the glove compartment or trunk: The old adage, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ can be applied here. Wait until you’re at your destination or safely pull into a gas station or rest area to check messages.

5. Download a safety app: Get some technological help. Many mobile safety apps can help discourage texting while driving.

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