8-year-old boy drives 4-year-old sister to McDonald’s in father’s van

(WSVN) - A young boy hungry for a McDonald’s burger decided to take initiative to curb his craving: he took his little sister for a ride to the fast food restaurant in his dad’s van.

According to Fox 8, police in East Palestine, Ohio, said the boy’s parents fell asleep early. So the 8-year-old boy took the keys to his father’s work van and got behind the wheel with his 4-year-old sister as his passenger.

Witnesses spotted the boy driving and called police. They remarked that, over the course of the mile-long journey, the boy drove through 4 intersections and over railroad tracks, all while obeying traffic laws and driving the speed limit.

When the siblings arrived at McDonald’s, a family friend spotted the pair and called their grandparents.

Once police arrived, the little boy told one officer that he learned to drive by watching YouTube videos.

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