5-year-old has ‘Up’-themed photoshoot with great-grandparents for birthday

(WSVN) - A 5-year-old boy’s birthday photoshoot with his great-grandparents is lifting up spirits across the internet.

Elijah Perman and his twin sister were told by their mother Rachel Perman that they could celebrate their 5th birthday with photoshoots, so Elijah decided to do one inspired by his favorite Pixar movie, “Up.”

Elijah and Rachel enlisted the help of her 90-year-old grandparents (his great-grandparents) and asked them to dress up as Carl and Ellie from the film. Meanwhile, Elijah dressed up as Russell.

Rachel, who is a photographer, took the photos herself and posted them to Facebook where they went viral.

Elijah’s twin sister, Emilee Perman, also had her own magical birthday photoshoot featuring a unicorn while she dressed up as a princess.

Rachel told Fox News she was diagnosed with cancer shortly after the birth of her twins, and she was unsure if she would even make it to see their 5th birthday. Now in remission, she wanted to make sure this birthday was a big one.

“I wanted to celebrate the things they love with photos! It’s a celebration for me and them!” she told Fox News.

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