5 Michigan teens accused of throwing rocks, killing man face life in prison

(WSVN) - Five Michigan teens who were charged with throwing rocks off a highway overpass, which killed a man, now face life in prison.

The incident occurred on Oct. 18 atop an Interstate 75 overpass. This is nothing new for the teens, officials said. In the day leading up to them throwing rocks and killing 32-year-old Keith White, the teens also threw a chair, shopping cart and other objects.

“There’s a continuing behavior,” Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickel told People Magazine. “These [aren’t] pranks. They’re deliberate, intentional actions that knowingly could hurt people.”

Officials said the teens threw more than a dozen rocks on the day White died, which damaged multiple vehicles. After hitting White’s van, officials said the teens went to McDonald’s.

On Thursday, the teens — 17-year-old Kyle Anger, 15-year-old Alex Miller, 16-year-old Mark Sekelsky, 16-year-old Mikaydyn Payne and 15-year-old Trevor Gray — pleaded not guilty on Thursday, according to Fox 5, but faces a maximum sentence of life in jail if convicted of White’s murder.

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