2 police officers shot, wounded in Boston, 1 suspect located

EAST BOSTON (WHDH) — Two Boston Police officers are now in the ICU after suffering critical injuries in a shooting in East Boston Wednesday night.

The two police officers underwent surgery and are listed in critical condition at Massachusetts General Hospital. They are now in the ICU.

One of the injured officers is a 28-year veteran who was shot 4 times. A 12-year BPD officer was shot three times.

Kirk Figueroa, 33, is accused of shooting two officers in Boston following a domestic incident late Wednesday evening.

Figueroa was sworn in as a constable in the city of Boston in July of 2016.

Boston Police responded to a call for a possible domestic incident on 136 Gladstone Street before 11 p.m. Wednesday night when a gunman opened fire.

“We heard officers screaming on the radio,” said Boston Police Commissioner William Evans. “Shots fired and an officer down. The officers were screaming ‘officer down.’”

The police shot and killed the suspect, who was wearing a ballistic vest.

The two policemen were immediately treated by fellow police officers before the arrival of emergency medical teams.

One assisting officer reached his hand in a shot officer’s bullet wound, using a tourniquet that Evans says was instrumental in possibly saving the man’s life.

Both policemen were identified as males, one policeman serving 28 years in the department, the other 12 years.

Nine others were admitted to MGH for stress and other injuries.

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