18,000 pounds of sandbags were no match for Harvey’s flooding

MEYERLAND, Texas (WSVN) — One woman in Houston spent thousands of dollars to protect her home from flooding with sandbags and waterproofing sheets, but it was no match for the devastating floodwaters brought on by Harvey.

NPR reports that Kristen Massey spent nearly $5,000 on her preparations, bringing in two commercial trucks to deliver 18,000 pounds of sandbags that she used to border her home.

“We did all that we could, but it would never have been enough,” Massey wrote in an update on Facebook, showing the aftermath of the flooding that ravaged the inside of her home.

After the category 4 storm brought a record 49 inches of rainfall to the area, Massey’s home flooded, despite the plastic sheets attached five feet high all the way around the house, anchored by the sandbags.

Massey recorded video of her flooded street during the storm from her neighbor’s house, which sits higher up than her home.

Describing the water levels, Massey wrote, “My home (4.5ft inside home, 9ft in street) and community in Meyerland and my parents’ home … and community in Memorial are completely devastated.”

Massey’s extensive preparations came from experience. She told NPR that the house had already been hit by flooding twice in the past year.

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