15-year-old graduates college ahead of high school

CLEVELAND, Ga. (WSVN) — A Georgia teenager is celebrating her graduation from high school… AND college.

Fox 5 reports that 15-year-old Christie Taylor graduated Saturday from the University of North Georgia, even though she has yet to receive her high school diploma.

“I was homeschooled, then went to middle school, but after eighth grade, I scored high on MAP tests in every class and had one of highest percent averages so the school said I could go on to college,” Taylor said. “Every class I take here counts as double at my high school, so while pursuing my degrees I am simultaneously filling the requirements for my diploma.”

Taylor says she enrolled at UNG when she was just 13 years old.

“I remember when I told my mom I wanted to go to college she said ‘no’ but after a while she finally let me apply,” Taylor recalled. “It’s been amazing. Definitely unique – I was the only one who had parent pick up. If I wanted to meet friends at fast food restaurant, my mom would have to drive me.”

She says she will graduate from high school May 26, and plans to return to the university in the fall to work as a teaching assistant and on the research team for the chemistry department.

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