LAS VEGAS, Nevada (KVVU) — About 30 animals, including some very valuable snakes, worth at least $10,000 total, WERE stolen from Wild Things specialized pet store in Las Vegas early Saturday morning.

“They took the money from the cash register. They used a hammer and literally smashed through our tanks, grabbed the animals,” said Wild Things co-owner Stephanie Tracy.

“Aru Green Tree Pythons, a male and a female, about 3.5 to 4 feet. They stole the Emerald Tree Boa that had been here for over a year,” said Tracy while surveying the damage Saturday. “And to shatter the glass, that’s just pure maliciousness because all they had to do was unlock it.”

Around 4:45 a.m. Saturday, surveillance cameras inside the store caught a person smashing through the tanks and shoving the snakes into a bag.

“And they’re particularly mean, so it’s really surprising that that’s what he took was mean animals, so it’s somebody who really knew their way around the animals and knew exactly what they were going for,” said Tracy.

This is the second break-in at Wild Things in the ten years they’ve been in business, but this time, the damage was much worse.

“I would wake up every morning and check the cameras immediately and stuff, and this is just going to further make me very paranoid,” said Tracy. “But it also doesn’t make me really want to in business anymore. If I’m going to keep getting broken into and keep getting stolen from, it doesn’t exactly make you feel safe as a business owner.”

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