Uni K Wax

The secret is out. Waxing doesn't have to be the long and painful experience it once was.

Oh, relax its not as bad as it looks. At Uni K Wax in North Miami and more than 15 locations all over South Florida, they've discovered the perfect way to make clients happy.

NOEMI GRUPENMAGER: "They love our wax. They love our prices. They love the speed because nobody wants to spend an hour, two hours getting waxed."

ERIKA PEDRAZA: "Fast services and good quality, and also they know that our wax is completely natural."

I know what you're thinking, they all say that. But at Uni K, they've developed their own wax. Made in the 305 and its completely free of all chemicals.

NOEMI GRUPENMAGER: "The wax is all natural and gluten free wax."

Which means its perfect for those with sensitive skin.

ERIKA PEDRAZA: "We deal with people with acne, rosatia, hyperpigmentation, sun damage."

The wax goes on at body temperature and feels nice.

Client: "It's actually very soothing."

And sure all waxing hurts but Uni K's Wax is especially designed to make you experience less pain. The key is in its texture.

NOEMI GRUPENMAGER: "The wax is completely elastic. Its not hard wax. Its not strip wax. Its an elastic, unique wax."

ERIKA PEDRAZA: "You see its very elastic."

Once its on your skin it opens up your pores, making it easier for your hair to come out. It also leaves your skin intact.

ERIKA PEDRAZA: "With the other wax its more painful because the wax sticks on their skin this one doesn't."

Best part, the process is really quick so you're in and out in no time.

ERIKA PEDRAZA: "It dries pretty fast so its a quick service. We can do many strips at the same time."