WSVN — Tired of the same old boring workout? 7’s Belkys Nerey has the solution to get your workout swingin’ and poppin’ in tonight’s Style File.

There are tons of workout classes across South Florida but the Spartan Ninja Workout will get your workout back in the swing of things.

“Coach Casey” Eischen: “People love doing this class because it just takes you back like a kid playing, but you are getting such a great workout.”

This high energy class springs from Coach Casey’s love for ultimate fitness.

“Coach Casey” Eischen: “I’m combining my two favorite things; Spartan Obstacle Races and Ninja Warrior Training and trying to make it catch on with the masses.”

Participants at Ninja Lounge are attacking those boring routines.

Luzmar Fernandez: “I started at the gym and I got bored pretty quick because it’s pretty much the same.”

And leaping into this new one!

Chris: “I love it! It’s fun! It’s just something that you always kinda wanted to do but you can’t do it anywhere.”

The facility in North Miami is the ultimate athlete’s dream. Think a child’s playground running on ninja adrenaline.

And Coach Casey promises anyone can work up from warrior princess to ultimate ninja.

“Coach Casey” Eischen: “You can absolutely come in off the couch and come here and try because we have the rock walls and that’s what we’ll start you at. We’ll build you up.”

Preparing you for anything!

“Coach Casey” Eischen: “Spartan Ninja training is for anybody that wants to learn how to overcome anything. Obstacles in their mind or their body.”

If this workout is a little too extreme for you, get that booty poppin’ with the boss chick workout.

Shesley: “It is awesome to be a ‘boss chick’!”

Simone Sobers: “You can expect a lot of sweat, a lot of dancing, twerking and just an overall really good time.”

Simone Sobers designed the unique class with the ladies in mind.

Simone Sobers: “I really wanted to create a workout that would empower the everyday woman to really take charge of her health and fitness in a fun, exciting, sexy environment.”

Get your sexy back under the disco ball. Twerking to a variety of hip-hop, dancehall and reggae tunes.

Shesley: “When you’re dancing and you’re enjoying yourself at the same time and keeping your inner sexy, it’s spectacular.”

If you’re really in the mood for something different, slip into your heels and try the Urban burlesque class on for size.

Simone Sobers: “Focuses more on toning through classical burlesque technique fused with urban and pop beats.”

Simone takes you through the basics of burlesque, turning up the heat and toning that core.

Carmen Sofia Perez: “Everytime we come here and take one of these classes, we just have the most fun and we feel like we’re Beyonce. We’re sexy like her!”

Building beautiful bodies and bonds.

Perform Studio in Doral will start offering the urban burlesque class weekly beginning April 11 and if you want to join in on the Ninja Spartan Workout; use code: “Caseys Spartans” for a discounted rate online.


14401 NE 20th Lane, North Miami, FL 33181


5141 NW 79th Ave. Unit 6, Doral, Fl 33166

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