Two Guns

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg don't start out the best of buds in "Two Guns" but they're forced together when they discover they're both undercover for different agencies and they've been set up.Bill Paxton's working for a more sinister operation.BILL PAXTON: "I always thought he's somebody who's brought in as a fixer and somebody who they can, they can disavow."BILL PAXTON: "He's got the authority of the government but he doesn't have to answer to the laws of the government. So he can get his information as he sees fit."Even so he's got a gangster's code.BILL PAXTON: "He doesn't care if you robbed a bank or killed your mother or any of that stuff. He's just straight up with it but don't try to lie to me."BILL PAXTON: "It's the individual who stands up for what's right or what he believes in because he has a code. I think codes are very blurred today."That got Deco thinking … do stars have a code?MARK WAHLBERG: "The way I try to live my life and conduct myself is you know, something that I would you know wanna make my parents and my children and my wife and everybody proud. I didn't always live that way but I found that by living that way is the is the most productive and fulfilling."DENZEL WASHINGTON: "Like we're working together. No like we're working in the same vecinity.Together? In the same area code. But you gotta get off the floor. You can't stay down there, you know we all will fall short of the glory at some point but it's not the falling down necessarily – it's the getting back up."Paula Patton's code is simple.PAULA PATTON: "Do unto others as you would like to be done to yourself."And Bill's is borrowed. BILL PAXTON: "I think I just inherited to the code that my Dad had. Kind of non judge mental – kind of live and let live."