Clear and quiet weather is staying in place.   It’s due to a large area of high pressure centered over Florida but migrating eastward.   The high will likely strengthen by Monday afternoon and south Florida will notice a stronger breeze (especially near the coast).   Even as the high departs, it will take time to "reload" moisture, so rain chances stay slim for the early part of the week.  Temperatures may have been cool in recent nights but expect building warmth in the days ahead.   Also, as the air temperatures rise, our humidity will go up too.   You’ll probably detect the difference once winds veer out of the southeast by Wednesday.   What’s the main weather change for the week?  Once high pressure loses its grip across the region… moving away… a slow but advancing cold front will settle into northern parts of Florida.  The boundary will likely lose it’s push before reaching us, but it could get close enough to generate a few late week storms.  Regardless of the fronts impact, after Thursday we’ll have sufficient moisture for the daily sea breeze to trigger a few rain showers.     

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