Turn Back Time: New technology is helps women deal with intimacy issues and leaky bladder without surgery

WSVN —  We know our body changes as we get older, but for many women, that can lead to problems that feel too embarrassing to even bring up to their doctor! 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us how new technology is helping to treat those issues and even "Turn Back Time" for some.

Like any woman, Barbara Brandt wants to look amazing at every age.

Barbara Brandt, tried Thermiva: "I try to work out at least two to three times a week including weekends."

She’s always been active.

Barbara Brandt: "I was a Middle-Eastern dancer for 20 years."

But lately, Barbara has noticed some changes in her body that make her want to run and hide.

Barbara Brandt: "You start noticing a leakage. I have to make sure I would empty my bladder very well before I engage in any aerobic exercise."

Bodybuilder Suni Sweeney works to stay in this shape every day, but noticed her love life was lacking.

Suni Sweeney, tried Thermiva: "It’s not just about what I look like."

Suni was searching for more sizzle in the bedroom, but wasn’t sure where to turn.

Dr. Adam Rubinstein, plastic surgeon: "It’s not the sort of thing you just bring up at a cocktail party."

Doctors say a woman’s body changes over time, especially after childbirth or going into menopause.

Dr. Adam Rubinstein: "Leaking urine, a feeling of looseness that gives them very little gratification, trouble achieving orgasms …"

But many are simply too embarrassed to talk about it.

Dr. Adam Rubinstein: "No one ever mentions it even to their own doctor."

There are creams that promise to help with intimacy or even surgery for a leaky bladder, but most women are looking for an easier and long-lasting solution.

Barbara Brandt: "Something non-invasive, something practical and simple."

Dr. Adam Rubinstein says women don’t have to suffer in silence anymore … thanks to Thermiva!

Dr. Adam Rubinstein: "It’s a new treatment that uses radio frequency energy. There’s no downtime, no pain, there’s no recovery."

Thermiva uses heat energy emitted through a probe to tighten tissue.

Dr. Adam Rubinstein: "It’s going to stimulate collagen production, it’s going to make collagen tighten up and you end up tightening the tissue."

He says patients start to feel the effects after just one treatment.

Dr. Adam Rubinstein: "This increases lubrication, this increases tightness."

And the best part is because there’s no surgery, there’s no recovery period.

Dr. Adam Rubinstein: "There’s no scars, there’s no cutting."

Barbara noticed an immediate change.

Barbara Brandt: "Of course, it’s one less thing to worry about."

She even exercised the next day without running to the restroom first.

Barbara Brandt: "I notice an 80 percent improvement."

Where both women did see a major improvement, though, was in the bedroom!

Suni Sweeney: "I’m glad I did it, oohh, I’m glad I did it."

They agree if a simple, painless procedure can help "Turn Back Time" why not go for it?

Barbara Brandt: "Can’t get better than that!"

Dr. Rubinstein recommends three treatments one month apart. He says the effects last about a year. It can be pricey though: $1,000 and up for the three sessions. In the plex, Lynn Martinez, 7News.


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