Tuesday Nights

WSVN — No dance is sexier than the Argentine Tango, and now you too can learn to tango.

Monica Llobet, Teaches Tango: "It's a very romantic, passionate dance."

Spice up your Tuesday nights with lessons taught by world tango champ Monica Llobet at the Biltmore Hotel.

Monica Llobet: "If you can do a nice slow walk, cheek to cheek, there is nothing better than that."

Every Tuesday night at 8 p.m., Monica teaches two tango classes back to back for intermediate and beginner levels.

Monica Llobet: "That's for people who know nothing. Tango 101."

Felix Guadarrama: "It's fun. It's not that hard. I guess I'm kinda a natural at it or something."

You really don't need two to tango. You can come single or with a partner, because you're constantly switching partners throughout the night.

Charles Kropke: "As you're switching partners, different heights, different sizes, different styles, you have to adjust to that."

At ten, the Milonga starts, which is an open dance where you can practice your moves, and who knows what this dance of love will lead to this couple met learning to tango!

Victor Cowley: "We all know most women love to dance, so if you want to meet more women you go and learn how to dance."

If dancing on a table is more your thing, the Tuesday night party at STK and Coco Deville in South Beach is the place to be.

Sebastian Puga-Promoter, Coco Deville: "It's very much like a house party."

All the scenesters first arrive for a late dinner at the new STK restaurant.

Quincy Fitzwater, STK, Director of Operations: "You want to have the little big macs, the tuna tartre for an appetizer, the foi gras is really good."

It's not just about the food, the restaurant itself is like a club.

Quincy Fitzwater: " With STK it's about the atmosphere, we have the DJ. We intentionally made the booths lower so people can interact and see each other."

Then around midnight, head next door to Coco Deville for the 'favela chic' party.

Olivia Ormos: "They play some great music here, and then it's super convenient, we walk right next door and we're at a nightclub."

DJ Ross One makes this party spinning, an eclectic mix of music.

Sebastian: "The Tuesday night party is mainly based around Brazilian funk, some house music, rock 'n' roll and hip hop. So, it's really a fusion of all kinds of fun party music."

Sonya Olson: "You don't even feel like you're out, it's just so comfortable. The music is so eclectic, it's a little bit of everything."

This party goes until the wee hours of the morning, so don't schedule an early morning conference call on Wednesday.

The tango classes are $15 a person. Doors open at Cocos around 11.


Tango with Monica Llobet (305) 445-1926Biltmore Hotel 1200 Anastasia Ave.Coral Gables 33134 $15


STK Miami2377 Collins AvenueMiami Beach, FL 33139(305) 604-6988