WSVN — If you're getting ready to cruise, don't leave port without our first app. "Ship Mate" has all kinds of information on your ship and ports of call.

Download the app for your cruise line and pick your ship detailed deckmaps show where everything is.

Get all the latest excursion information, weather reports and ship trackers. Ship Mate has info on ships from eight different cruise lines for guaranteed smooth sailing.

Put all your travel plans in one place with "Trip It." The app organizes your itinerary for you whenever you get a confirmation e-mail from anywhere you book. Just forward it to Trip It will then take that information including rental car and restaurant reservations and make one easy to follow itinerary that you can share with family and friends.

If you're traveling overseas, here's an app to help convert your cash. "Currency Convert" is a quick and easy way to get conversion rates on the go. The app gives you up-to-date rates in 23 currencies.

Just put in the amount you want to convert and the country and you'll get the latest rates at the tap of a finger. Currency Convert helps you figure what you're really spending when you're out traveling the world.

Craig Stevens: "Trip It and Currency Convert are free. Ship Mate is $1.99 for the download."


Ship Mate- Royal Caribbean


Currency Convert

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