Trash the Dress

WSVN — For most brides, their wedding gown is, well, sacred, but after you've walked down the aisle and taken all your pretty pictures, what do you do with the dress?

The folks from Photography by John Paul in Southwest Miami have an idea: Trash it for some cool pictures.

Elizabeth Soto, Photography by John Paul: "The cheesy posing stuff, out the window. This is cutting edge, and this gives brides a lot of opportunity to express themselves artistically with their dress."

During the "Trash the Dress" photo shoots, brides or even divorcees, slip on their wedding dresses and take pictures in places you'd never expect to see a beautiful bride hanging out.

Elizabeth Soto: "The types of trash the dress shoots that we do can be anything from urban settings, we even get some brides to go inside of dumpsters or underwater. It's really cool."

Elizabeth Soto: "If the bride is willing, we will jump in the pool with her."

As you can imagine, convincing women to get down and dirty in their dress often takes some convincing.

Annette Bugall: "I love the dresses, and I just couldn't think, oh, my God, trash these beautiful dresses? This is insane."

But, once the brides get there, many find it's freeing.

Annette Bugall: "I said I'm in it, I'm gonna have fun. My dress is already dirty, I'll get it preserved later. Let's just have fun and do it."

Ninalicia Osorio: "The coolest place I've been to is definitely the dumpster. I went in there, I did fall, but I went in there, pretended that I was taking a nap, and John Paul got some great pictures."

Photographer John Paul is always out scouting new locations for shoots. He likes to pair the beauty of the bride with unexpected backdrops like this bus stop or construction site.

John Paul, Photography by John Paul: "I like the contrast of how soft the brides look versus the rugged terrain."

John Paul: "It's something you wouldn't normally see in a wedding book."

The pictures come out unbelievable.

Ninalicia Osorio: "Amazing, I couldn't believe it was me."

And, at the end of the day, a little dirt doesn't hurt, after all.

Ninalicia Osorio: "Well, after all of these pictures, I am a little grossed out, but it's nothing a hot shower can't fix!"

We're told some of the brides even go and buy cheap dresses for the photo shoots, so they don't have to trash their own.


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