What kind of guy makes a superhero? I’ve been asking myself that very question for awhile and after going to London to interview Chris Hemsworth who plays the God of thunder in the new “Thor” movie out tomorrow. I’m come to the conclusion it’s him.

Everything about this movie makes your heart race: The explosions the flying hammers the viking God in the red cape.

In “Thor: The Dark World” Thor is fighting to save the universe, rescue his woman, and fine tune his Thor-ness. Now, try not to focus on Chris Hemsworth’s muscles, or his Australian accent, his lucious hair played a big role in Thor’s power. I just made that up.

LYNN: “Women talk about your look all the time.”

I dragged myself to London where some of the movie was shot, to discuss this important matter.

Chris Hemsworth: “I probably wasn’t as big as I was in the first one.”

Chris Hemsworth plays Thor out to save the universe while rocking’ some long, ratty hair I had to know more about.

LYNN: “Women want to know what shampoo do you use?”

But we do know, there is nothing fake about this viking God.

Chris Hemsworth: “This was my hair for the first time the other two were wigs, but this is my hair, some extensions, but for the most part it was mine. But I liked it because I didn’t have to put a wig on each morn’ but the hair designer kinda pulled it back into like a viking plaque deal, and kept out of my face.”

But Thor’s got more than just his hair to control. With a new villian in the picture, this creamy dude Malekith, who’s fluent in villian.

Thor is forced to team up with his jealous and sometimes maniacle brother, Loki.

LYNN: “I love Lokie.”

Tom Hiddleston: “Aww thank you.”

Tom Hiddelston is the kind of actor who plays a not so nice guy with such charm you end up rooting for him.

LYNN: “He’s misunderstood I think.

Tom Hiddleston: “Yep.”

LYNN: “Did you ever connect that way? I know you have two sisters and I’ve read you love them both, but you’re the middle child, did you ever feel a little Loki-ish? A little, ‘they got more than me’?

Tom Hiddleston: “No. I honestly didn’t. all kind of acting comes from an extension of compassion part of the thrill of the job for me.”

LYNN: “So did you feel sorry for him, is that what you’re saying?”

Tom Hiddleston: “Yeah, I did.”

Because his life stinks with a father who lied to him and a cute brother gaining more power.

Tom Hiddleston: “he feels cheated, and lied to, and that’s the kind of situation I have tremendous compassion for. Then I think about Loki, and he makes all the wrong decisions and becomes a super villan.”

And that’s where things get super fun. So between the noble God — the charming bad bro Thor’s lucious hair.

There’s plenty to love in “Thor: The Dark World” especially, if you like a little bad with your good.

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