The Trendy Truck

WSVN — When it comes to fast fashion the truck stops here. Sydney Edwards-The Trendy Truck: "We basically took the idea of a retail store and put it on wheels. A mother and daughter from Fort Lauderdale have teamed up and transformed an old clunker into a mobile boutique called The Trendy Truck.Sydney Edwards-The Trendy Truck: "It was a fire truck in the arm. It's a 1974 Chevy step van. It belonged to my godfather so I had to guilt him into letting us take it over as the Trendy Truck."Similar to the food trucks the ladies will travel all over South Florida showing up at parties fundraisers and even your house.Sydney Edwards-The Trendy Truck: "We're also going to be doing home parties. So we'll pull right up to your door and you can shop with your friends."So what's inside the mint-colored truck? Lots and lots of fashion finds for women. Sydney Edwards-The Trendy Truck: "We hit up LA, Vegas, New York, Atlanta. We're always looking for unique brands, things you don't find in department stores. They kinda have that California-feel to them. Our prices are anywhere between $40 and a little over a $100. We wanted them to be approachable for buyers but we also wanted really good quality."Even Sydney's mom Brenda, who has a fashion degree says they choose styles that all ages can wear.Brenda Hunter-Mom: "Everything in here both of us have worn. We just wear them different. I love the Gyspy Junky because I like the Bohemian look to it. I think you can wear it over a swimsuit or put it over with a tunic underneath and wear it out."There are also accessories, purses and jewelry. Brenda Hunter-Mom: "This is one of my favorite designers Jan Michaels, she takes old vintage jewelry from the past and revamps it into rings. She calls it the ring bar."So be on the look out, the Trendy Truck is trucking your way soon. Belkys Nerey: "Just like the food trucks you can follow The Trendy Truck on Facebook and Twitter."