Ladies and gentlemen, Smurfs and Smurfettes may I have your attention please?The Smurfs are in trouble with the help of his new creation, the naughties, evil Gargamel has kidnapped Smurfette but don't worry — the Smurfs are coming to the rescue. And this time, they're headed to Paris. Jayma Mays – "Un deux trois quatre cinc six."The cast of the movie shot "Smurfs Two" in Paris and Montreal so its only fair they show off their French skills.Hank Azaria – "French skills? We gotta keep this G-Rated." Hank Azaria – "French skills… you should be ashamed of yourself."Neil Patrick Harris – "On y va."Well, those are two different takes on the French. Perhaps if we talk about "Le chat" (that's cat in French by the way, take that Gargamel.Neil Patrick Harris – "The cat in the movie no cg by the way."Jayma – "No."Neil Patrick Harris: "That was all the real cat."The cat Azrael didn't want to talk to Deco.Neil Patrick Harris – "He's hard to get yeah, he's like that."Jayma – "In demand."Maybe he was busy with his cat nip but we're better off for it because he's actually evil in real life. Jayma – "I like a little evil, you know?"I wonder if all he needs is some love to get him to change his ways.Hank Azaria – "Will the love of a good woman turn Azreal around? I don't know, maybe."Neil Patrick Harris – "I'd get him spade."Jayma – "Oh, how dare you? So offensive." Neil Patrick Harris – "Then he'd lose his evil ways … you know what I mean?"Starting to think its NPH who's evil – poor kitty.Neil Patrick Harris – "You can declaw Azrael."Jayma – "Oh no that's like taking his little fingers off its like loosing your fingers."I understand I neutered and declawed.

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